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Brett Favre vs Aaron Rodgers team Clash of the Eras

Packers Wire just unveiled the ultimate Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers team, containing the top players from the two quarterbacks’ eras (1992-2022).

Brett Favre

It is now time for competition. Rodgers vs. Favre. Which QB had the better Green Bay era?

First, some (surprisingly close) numbers. Favre’s Packers were 161-95 in the regular season (.629, first in the NFL) and 12-10 in the playoffs (second-most victories) between 1992 and 2007. Rodgers’ Packers were 153-87-2 (.636, second) and 11-10 in the playoffs (tied for third in victories) between 2008 and 2022.

Favre’s Packers won Super Bowl XXXI, while Rodgers’ Rodgers won Super Bowl XLV.

Further, Favre’s Packers won seven NFC Central or NFC North division titles and went to four NFC championship games (2-2); Rodgers’ Packers won eight division titles and went to five NFC championship games (1-4).

Which QB was surrounded by better teammates and more talent?

Let’s look at the 53-player teams from the Favre and Rodgers eras, position by position. It is up to you to choose a winner amongst the two teams.

All-Brett Favre team
Brett Favre 1. Mark Brunell 2.
Matt Hasselbeck is third.

Aaron Rodgers-only
Aaron Rodgers, No. 1
Matthew Flynn
Jordan Love 3

In Addition, Rodgers was the better Packers quarterback by virtually any statistical criterion, while Favre was the more important Packers quarterback by almost any intangible one, making it extremely difficult to choose between the two. Favre never missed a start, but many of his backups, including Brunell and Hasselbeck, went on to become successful starters elsewhere. Love’s opportunity to be Green Bay’s successor might alter the complexion of this clash in the coming years.

All-Brett Favre team

  1. Green Ahman
    Dorsey Levens 2. Edgar Bennett 3.

Aaron Rodgers-only
Aaron Jones is the first.
Grant, Ryan
Eddie Lacy is third.

All-Brett Favre team
The first is William Henderson.

Aaron Rodgers-only

  1. Thomas Kuhn

Both eras had a great fullback. Henderson and Kuhn were both Pro Bowlers and All-Pros, but Henderson was chosen over Kuhn by voters on the All-Favre and Rodgers team, and it wasn’t even close. Each fullback may play the entire position, including catching the ball. Henderson had more yards than Kuhn (2,835 to 1,158), but Kuhn had more touchdowns (23 to 19).

All-Brett Favre team
Sharpe, Sterling

  1. Antonio Freeman 2. Donald Driver
    four. Robert Brooks
    Javon Walker is number five.

Aaron Rodgers-only
Davante Adams is the first.
Jordy Nelson is number two.
Greg Jennings is third.
Randall Cobb’s
Five. James Jones
Christian Watson is number six.

Two outstanding sets of pass catchers. The All-Rodgers squad wins in terms of production, but the talent is evenly distributed. Injuries destroyed Favre’s team. We pondered bringing in a sixth receiver during the Favre era: Between 1992 and 2022, Bill Schroeder ranked 18th among Packers in yards from scrimmage, had three outstanding seasons (1999-01), and grabbed 20 total touchdowns from Favre. Watson – even as a rookie — exhibited true star power for Rodgers in the Rodgers era. The assumption here is that Watson’s participation will appear smart in the long run. Who had the most talented receivers? Good luck with your selection.

All-Brett Favre team

  1. Chmura, Mark
  2. Keith Jackson 3. Bubba Franks

Aaron Rodgers-only

  1. Jeremiah Finley
    Donald Lee is number two.
  2. Tonyan, Robert
    Lewis, Marcedes

Finley was the most athletic and gifted player on the list, but it’s difficult to argue against Favre’s dominance at tight end, especially during his peak. It was difficult to choose Rodgers’ tight ends. Lee had his greatest season with Favre in 2007, but he saw more action with Rodgers. We chose Tonyan (11 touchdowns in 2020) and Lewis (great run-blocking tight end) over Jared Cook, Jimmy Graham, and a slew of other mediocre or elderly players, but this is simply a bad position for Rodgers.

All-Brett Favre team
Chad Clifton (OT)
Mark Tauscher, OT; Marco Rivera, OG; Mike Wahle
Frank Winters C

Earl Dotson, Mike Flanagan, Adam Timmerman, and Ken Ruettgers are the backups.

Aaron Rodgers-only
C: Corey Linsley OT: David Bakhtiari OT: Bryan Bulaga OG: Josh Sitton OG: T.J. Lang

Elgton Jenkins, Scott Wells, and Daryn Colledge are the backups.

There isn’t much to argue about here. Rodgers’ peak offensive line defeats Favre’s, and Rodgers has the best backup (Jenkins). Bakhtiari and Sitton were most likely the two best linemen of their respective eras. The offensive line for Favre is superb, but Rodgers has always had elite players in front of him.

All-Brett Favre team
Gilbert Brown, No. 1
Santana Dotson is number two.
Cullen Jenkins is number three.
Cletidus Hunting

Aaron Rodgers-only
Kenny Clarke

  1. Michael Daniels
    Ryan Pickett’s
    B. J. Raji

Jenkins spending more of his career with Favre may tilt the scales here, despite Clark being the better player of the two groups. In terms of depth, neither era had excellent interior defensive linemen. Who was the more effective duo? Clark and Daniels or Brown and Dotson?

All-Brett Favre team
Reggie White is the first.
Aaron Kampman is number two.
Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, third
Vonnie Holliday 4
Sean Jones is number five.

Aaron Rodgers-only
Clay Matthews is the first.
Julius Peppers 2
Za’Darius Smith is third.
Rashan Gary is number four.
Preston Smith is number five.

There is no correct option here, however picking against Reggie White feels incorrect. The Rodgers period may be remembered for the brief appearances of Peppers and Za’Darius Smith. Matthews, Peppers, Za’Darius Smith, and Gary were exceptional, game-changing players in their primes.

All-Brett Favre team

  1. Nicholas Barnett
    Wayne Simmons is number two.
    George Koonce.
    Bernardo Harris is number four.

Aaron Rodgers-only
A.J. Hawk’s
De’Vondre Campbell, No. 2

  1. Bishop, Desmond

Even if Campbell and Bishop each had one fantastic season, this is a clear win for Favre. Barnett and Hawk are a wash, and there was more depth at inside linebacker during Favre’s tenure.

All-Brett Favre team

  1. Tyrone Williams 2. Al Harris
    Craig Newsome is third.
    Mike McKenzie is number four.
    Doug Evans is number five.

Aaron Rodgers-only

  1. Woodson, Charles
  2. Tramon Williams 3. Jaire Alexander
    Sam Shields is number four.
    Casey Hayward is number five.

A victory for Rodgers. With all due respect to Harris, I believe Woodson, Alexander, and Tramon are the three best corners of the Favre-Rodgers period. Shields was a Pro Bowler, while Hayward became as an outstanding perimeter corner after several good seasons in Green Bay.

All-Brett Favre team
Butler, LeRoy
Sharper, Darren
Eugene Robinson, third
four. George Teague

Aaron Rodgers-only

  1. Nicholas Collins
    Amos, Adrian
    Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha
    Micah Hyde 4

Butler is a Pro Football Hall of Famer, and Sharper’s case would be stronger if it weren’t for his horrible criminal deeds off the field. While Collins was an exceptional player, Amos had four outstanding seasons, and Clinton-Dix made the Pro Bowl, the Rodgers era lacked consistent good safety performance.

All-Brett Favre team
Ryan Longwell, K
Craig Hentrich, P
Rob Davis, LS
Roell Preston (KR)
Desmond Howard, Public Relations

Aaron Rodgers-only
Mason Crosby (K)
Tim Masthay, P; Brett Goode, LS
Keisean Nixon (KR)

This is a difficult decision. In 1996, Howard had what was maybe the greatest return season of all time, while Crosby is the team’s all-time leader in almost every kicking category. Nixon was terrific during the Rodgers era’s first year, and Blackmon was incredible during the final year. Opponents would be more afraid of Favre-era specialists, right?

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