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What will Donald Trump do now that he has pleaded

Donald Trump

What will Donald Trump do now that he has pleaded not guilty to attempting to rig the 2020 election?

On Thursday, former President Donald Trump made his third appearance in court this year to answer to criminal charges; this time, it was for his most recent indictment, which accused him of attempting to obstruct the peaceful transition of power following the 2020 presidential election.

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The former president had returned to his New Jersey golf club by Friday morning. He entered a not-guilty plea in court on Thursday and is now waiting for his third criminal trial.

Trump entered a not-guilty plea to four felony counts during the 27-minute court appearance in Washington, D.C. He was accused of conspiring to defraud the American government and attempting to rig an election.

Although cameras were not permitted in the courtroom, sketches of the arraignment have given viewers a glimpse of the action. Special counsel Jack Smith was seated approximately 20 feet away from Trump.

The prosecution wants a quick trial, but Trump’s defense team objects, pointing to a substantial amount of discovery evidence.

The previous president, meantime, remained obstinate following court.

Trump told news reporters, “This is a persecution of a political opponent.” “In America, this was never intended to occur. The candidate who is commanding a commanding lead in the Republican primary is being persecuted.

A free speech defense is being developed by his legal team. Trump has a right to talk, and even to misrepresent the election results, according to the indictment. They assert that the charges, however, are based on his alleged conduct, including a plan using fictitious voters.

On August 28, when Trump is scheduled to return to court, additional information regarding the potential trial date may become available.

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